Victorian Waterfalls

Welcome to Victorian Waterfalls

This is a website about Waterfalls in Victoria Australia and where they are located. Victoria, Australia is a wonderful state with many different and varied waterfalls. These are often located on gravel roads and access is not always easy.

This website comes about due to my fascination with waterfalls and how difficult I have found it to locate and visit them. Information by Parks Victoria is, in some situations, sketchy at best. The directions will all be based on travelling from the junction of Kings Way and Westgate FreeWay.

The best time to visit alot of these waterfalls is after the area has experienced steady rain for a week and the day is a nice fine day. However this can make some of the roads particularly difficult to travel.

A word of warning in that the photos are high definition and may not load on a slow internet connection.

The website is an ongoing project and I will add waterfalls to it when I visit them.

Must see Waterfalls in Victoria

The Big Ones!

These are the largest waterfalls with excellent facilities:

Steavenson Falls
Trentham Falls
Mackenzie Falls
Hopetoun Falls
Erskine Falls
Agnes Falls

My Favourites

These are some that are more difficult to reach but worth it:

Piemans Falls
Snobs Creek Falls
Beauchamp Falls
Moonlight Creek Falls
Phantom Falls
Paradise Falls

Worth a visit?

No help here as I think they are all worth seeing!

Swimming at Waterfalls

This is the most common question I get asked and in my opinion the simple answer is DO NOT DO THIS. It is incredibly dangerous. While the name waterfall describes the most obvious material that comes over the falls, they could also be described as water-and-tree falls, or water-and-dead-animal falls, or water-and-rock falls. You cannot see what is comming over the waterfall, and trees, branches and many other objects including animals come over waterfalls. The rock face of a waterfall can be very unstable and parts of this regulary crumble; not nice to be under when this happens. The rocks lining the river base are very slippery and you can easly lose your footing on these and have a nasty fall. Waterfalls in full flow are very powerful, even destructive, and the water coming down a waterfall is often striking the base of the falls with considerable force. This can cause under torrents in the waterpools below some waterfalls. So once again I say DON'T DO THIS.

On a secondary note and not to be callous because there have been some terrible tragedies at Victorian waterfalls, some involving children, but if you do drown or get seriously injured at a waterfall Parks Victoria are a real pain about it and close the waterfall literally for years until they can make it safe!! They are so risk adverse at the moment, a couple of trees falling down will cause them to close a whole area; Lady Talbot Drive is a great example of this. There are several examples of people getting killed at waterfalls and them being closed for years. Also, leeches swim.

Books on Waterfalls

A new three volume set of books has just been released called "Melbourne Waterfalls, 314 Waterfalls within 100km of Melbourne". the books are by Travis Easton and are really amazing quality. I would really recommend them to anybody who is interested in Waterfalls. The website where these can be purchased from is Travis Easton Landscape Photography. For the cost of a tank of fuel these books can save you a fortune in driving and petrol.

Also please do not forget the book 250 Victorian Waterfalls Ray Barber and Ian Wacey's website again a bible to all serious waterfall hunters.

Tips for Travelling to Waterfalls.

Always go prepared for the weather to turn for the worse when you are visiting these locations. Take plenty of drinking water with you and always have some food (snack bars). A walking stick can be useful on some of the steeper, muddier tracks. And be prepared for the occasional encounter with leeches. I find a small roll of elastoplast works wonders with leeches - I tear off a piece and use it to remove any leeches before they latch on. Most waterfalls require driving on unsealed roads which can often have muddy sections on them after rain. Please take care on these roads.

Windows 7/8 desktop theme

I have created a desktop theme pack for Windows 7/8. These photos are for free use as a theme pack and are not to be used for commercial purposes. The copywrite is retained by Gregory Ingram. To install the theme pack: it is zipped using the latest version of Winzip so you will need to install this to unzip the package. Copy the pictures to a directory on your computer, for example, Theme, in your Pictures directory. You will need to create this directory. Right click on your desktop and then choose Personalize, down the bottom of the page click on Desktop Background, Now go to Browse and select the directory where you have stored the pictures. Make sure you click on Select All. Under picture position select fit and then choose how long you want to have each picture display. Then select Save changes once you have completed this. On the Sounds screen I choose landscape. The other settings are up to your choice.

I have updated the theme pack with recent photos and removed some of the older photos. The file is now 1.2GB in size so it is a very large download. I am looking at splitting it into two files. The size is due to the how big the photos in this now are. The most recent ones have a resolution of 7360 x 4126 and these are about 25MB in size.

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Waterfall Photography

I have had a number of people ask me questions about this. The best guide I have seen to this is how to photograph waterfalls tutorial If you are interested in camera gear I am using I have recently upgraded to a Nikon D800 and I carry a number of lens with me for this camera, these being a Nikon 14-24mm, Nikon 17-35mm, Nikon 24-70mm, Nikon 24-120mm, Nikon 28-300mm, along with Neutral Density Filters and Circular Polarising Filters, spare batteries, GPS etc. With all this, including tripod, my backpack weighs about 15Kg! The best thing about digital photography is you can get out and try it. Take lots of photos and experiment, this is the best way to learn. Oh, and I also carry a Nikon D5200 around in my hand for snap shots. It has a 18-140mm lens.

A point worth mentioning: I have found that the higher the resolution of the camera the higher the shutter speed and the more important it is to reduce the chance of hand held motion. On the D800 I now take every photo on a tripod or at least a Monopod. Regrding the D5200, as the camera is much lighter and has a 24Mpixel resolution, this is much easier to use hand held. It still takes a good photo but you can really see the differance between photos taken by the respective cameras.

Three Years On

Well I don't know if you are interested in this but it is now three years since I started this website. It was born out of a frustration that I could not find a good reference as to where waterfalls are located in this state and I thought other people must also must suffer the same issues. I did find some websites that listed a few waterfalls but there was no definitive website that I could go to that provided good photos and information about the waterfalls. I hope this website now provides this.

There are still areas I want to improve this website, including the use of Google maps. I would like to add a trip planner also, showing what waterfalls are close to others, so you are not searching through the website trying to work out which ones can be visited on the same trip. The reason I am hesitant about Google maps is that with the traffic this website is now generating I would have to pay for the use of Google maps and as I derive no income from this, it may prove expensive to keep operating.

The first month this website started it had 64 visitors and 522 pages accessed. I am sure that was mostly my friends! Well it has grown over these three years and last month the website had 3000+ visitors and 11000+ pages accessed.