Paradise Falls

Paradise Waterfalls

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Paradise Falls is located in the Alpine National park outside of Cheshunt. The last 11 km to the falls is on gravel road but seems to be well kept. There are picnic facilities at the car park. The walk to the viewing platform is a well made stepped track and is about 500m in length. The track then leads down further to the underneath the falls. You can walk under the cliff face behind these falls.

Paradise Falls

The path down to paradise falls

Paradise Falls

Looking out from behind the falls

How To get there

This depends if you are situated in Melbourne. The path I choose was to go out the Monash freeway then along East link to the Ringwood bypass. From here we joined the Mooronda highway and proceeded out the Melba highway through Yea to Mansfield. From here we travelled to Whitfield, then on to Cheshunt. From here you drive out Rose River Road to Paradise Falls Road. Drive to the end of this road and you are at the car park.

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: -36 51 ' 56.51443"
Longitude: 146 26 ' 33.50425"